Brands are like people. Whenever we see someone who really loves their work, someone who’s doing what they’re born to do, they shine. They radiate purpose and people are pulled toward that light.


We help challenger brands turn their markets upside down.

Be the smartest person in the room, less.


Linda Passante

Chief Executive Officer

Since co-founding Halo in 1994, Linda has worked hand in hand with regional, national and international CEOs and Senior Marketing Executives to create, reestablish and grow lasting brands. With over 30 years experience, she has persistently generated growth and increased the bottom lines of brands across all categories in most every market. Simply put, Linda has helped make billions of dollars for companies worldwide.

Based on her history of delivering on business goals, Linda has grown Halo into a top tier New York agency that lives and breathes her “defy or die” philosophy. Advocating outthinking and outwitting, rather than outspending the competition, she has handpicked a passionate executive team that shares this view as they build the businesses of Halo’s clients.

When the competition is sleeping, that's when we shine.