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Agustín Sevilla

Creative Technologist

I believe in using the best combination of the latest and proven technologies to build engaging brand experiences. But, the creative use of technology is boundless, so I always try to introduce something that keeps our clients in awe of the possibilities.

Using modern web technology in a rapid, iterative design process based on modular design systems, Augie sits at the base of all interactive experiences. He works with the creative and production team and our clients’ technology departments to develop the most innovative and effective digital solutions. He also works side-by-side with the analytics team to follow user interactions and to consistently improve performance.

Augie’s experience and knowledge base covers all aspects of digital development, including information architecture, user experience design, and coding. He got his start as a programmer, creating websites and financial modeling software in the finance industry. He then became an interactive developer, creating data visualization and web-based information graphics for CNN Money and

A graduate of NYU’s Digital Communications and Media program, with a concentration in Web Production, Augie is truly one part artist and one part scientist and in his spare time, enjoys drawing, French literature, building robots, inventing new technology, and experimenting with his 3-D printer.

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